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Our Strategic emphasis is to be one of the leading and diverse holding companies with specialist expertise in private security sector. Our sets of values have kept us excelling at all times. Subscribe to our service today.



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About Us

Infinity Security Services Ltd is a private company, with a solid capital base, sound management team as well as a dedicated work force who is committed to long lasting business relationship. This is achieved through proactive and preventive security approach, instant response to distress calls, constant reappraisals of security situations and identifying areas of present and potential security threats with a view to proffering solutions. All of these are communicated by regular reports to clients


We are very conversant with the trend of crime in the country. This includes petty theft, burglary, robbery, arson, assassination, kidnapping, abduction and most recently, calculated acts of terrorism.


We place emphasis on regular training and retraining of our guards. They are constantly exposed to modern security techniques and are equipped with knowledge suitable not only for corporate organizations but alsoVIP/ Personal Protection (which includes individuals, family and small groups). Our VIP Protection package entails not only static guard, but also provision of security advisory services, orderlies, security details, mobile personal/body guards, escort service and security drivers’ service etc.


Our Approach: Anticipate, Respond, Adapt

A security partnership needs to be more than personnel resources. Infinity Security is one of the top private security companies in the country because of our quality-based and results-oriented approach.

The Core of Our Success

The core of our success includes a blend of:

  • Quality employee engagement programs
  • An Industry-leading learning and development philosophy
  • A dedication to understanding our clients and their business, and
  • customizing a security solution that will help them achieve their goals.


All of this is supported and facilitated by state-of-the-art technology, as well as a national and local management presence.