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Our Strategic emphasis is to be one of the leading and diverse holding companies with specialist expertise in private security sector. Our sets of values have kept us excelling at all times. Subscribe to our service today.



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Manned Guarding Security


Infinity Security Services Ltd, Manned Guarding Providers Since 2005.


When looking for a competitive, professional, reliable security service provider, you need look no further than Infinity Security Services Ltd. A bespoke security service provider that will listen to your needs and build the service that you the client require.

Increasingly, Companies and Individuals have to ensure that their staff, businesses and properties are kept free from attack, be it vandalism, theft or protest. At Infinity Security we provide highly trained, uniformed Security Officers that carry out Manned Guarding for all your security needs which includes;


  • Static Guarding
  • Mobile Patrols, Key-Holding & Alarm Response
  • Personal security & Close protection team
  • Personal or family Chauffeur


With a 24 hour manned control room, our Security Officers are provided with invaluable information and advice when undertaking any situation. We ensure that in the event of an emergency, our teams are fully backed up and have access to extra resources as and when required. Your safety and well being is always our number one priority.


We are proud to have created a culture where loyalty, ambition and talent can flourish. Our officers operate to the highest standards with energy, enthusiasm and commitment to deliver service excellence.

With all our officers and staff undergoing a rigorous recruitment and vetting process that exceeds the average standards, we are able to guarantee that the officers that are covering your location, have a verifiable and robust background.  

Our Officers are selected to suit each client’s needs and requirements; we make it a priority to match skills and knowledge for all situations. Our staff will remain smart and professional at all times giving that all important correct “First Impression” for you, your staff and your visitors.

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