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Our Strategic emphasis is to be one of the leading and diverse holding companies with specialist expertise in private security sector. Our sets of values have kept us excelling at all times. Subscribe to our service today.



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Journey Management


Infinity Security Services Ltd offer you an escort services anywhere within the country to ensure convenience, security and safety. We are always on hand to offer your deserved VIP security assistance when shopping or moving around in public places. Our security officers can escort your staff to ensure their safety; this service can reduce your insurance premiums and ensure the well being of your team.


Our teaml can be uniformed or plain clothed depending on you or your company's choice. At late nights, we will safely see your staff/guest to their car and/or destination. We are at your service to give you adequate protection, your people and your property. Our security Officers can also pick your people from their home, escort and return them safely.

 We are disposed to providing the following methods.


  • Lead Team only
  • Back-up Team only
  • Lead and Back-up as a whole unit
  • Armed security personnel aboard a chauffeur-driven vehicle (Salon or SUV) only or in conjunction with any of the above
  • Chauffeur-driven vehicle only or with any of the first three methods above


For covert movement, we could deploy unbranded vehicles for this service. The services of Amour vehicles are also available for severe security situations when required.