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Security Training

At Infinity Security, we train our students in security fundamentals and tools to become security professionals.

Our training modules include topics that covers security fundamental principles that prepare the trainiees to become professional security officers. The curriculum is reviewed from time to time to meet up with contemporary security challenges in the industry and are sectoral based.


Our training curriculum is made up of lectures on principles and practice of security with special emphasis on contemporary industrial security challenges in Nigeria.  Vigorous drills and parades (including martial arts) all of which are aimed at equipping the operative both mentally and physically are an integral part of the curriculum.

Averagely, a guard undergoes training for about one month and is expected to pass the prescribed examination before being deployed to beats.


We equally organize on-the-job training for our operations staff many of who have background of service in Nigerian Military and Para-military services.


Our curriculum for the programme includes, but not limited to:

  • Normal parade:  foot drill and martial art;
  • Discipline and disciplinary offences;
  • Security code of conduct;
  • Access control and reception duties;
  • Public/Human Relation
  • Emotional Intelligence


General duties of a security officer e.g.

  • Protection of lives and properties
  • Prevention of crime
  • Detection of crime
  • Enforcement of company rules and laws;
  • Fire prevention and control
  • Crowd control etc.
  • Customers / visitors relations


We appreciate the fact that security threats are highly dynamic and of high tech. sophistication. We therefore do not rest on our oars by organizing regular retraining programmes to keep all cadres of operations staff abreast of these developments and solutions thereto.

Our detailed training programme is available on request.


Security Driver Courses
Over the last 5 years we have established, and quantified, the physical laws that govern both driving and reacting to driving emergencies. Standards have been set that measure the training and testing of students by using both physics and calculus in the track design, driving speed guidelines, and driver response times. By following this method, drivers, security companies, and their clients can be assured that students are properly vetted for safe and efficient performance under emergency conditions.


Security Patrol Driving Course

A basic Security Patrol driving course is mandatory for all security guard personnel who are scheduled to provide roving vehicle security patrols.

This course includes:

  • The Science of Driving and Vehicle Dynamics,
  • Vehicle Patrol Techniques, and
  • Fleet Security and Management.
  • Defensive Driving Techniques