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Our Strategic emphasis is to be one of the leading and diverse holding companies with specialist expertise in private security sector. Our sets of values have kept us excelling at all times. Subscribe to our service today.



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Infinity Security Service is a leading provider of video security surveillance solutions leveraging best-in-class technology and service. We design, integrate, install and maintain complete video surveillance systems for small business as well as schools, government agencies, public spaces, commercial buildings and manufacturing companies.


In today’s environment, security has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Alarm systems, card reader access and video surveillance are the tools you need to build your business while keeping it safe and secure. These security measures also provide your company with the ability to guard your assets and resources as well as protecting your employees from theft, vandalism, and unlawful access.


Access Control
One of the simplest ways to protect your business is to control movement into and out of your premises. We can advise you about many access control systems that range from basic sign-in or turnstile facilities to sophisticated multi-level authorisation card or lock systems. These can track and restrict access for different categories of personnel at key points around your premises.


We offer installation and training in the use of CCTV systems to suit your requirements and budgets. Whether you need a simple one-camera solution or a complex multi-camera system using high-clarity technical monitoring and recording equipment, we can help.